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The A-List game

Many view the game of bingo as predominately working class, located in bingo halls in the industrial heartlands of Britain, however, despite still being hugely popular with the working class it is also gaining a somewhat A-List celebrity following.

Thanks to the advances in the internet, bingo has made the move from the halls to the web, and it is flourishing. Thanks to sites like 32Red who offer generous welcome bonuses, bingo has become accessible to all. However, not only does the everyday Joe play online bingo, but there is now a celebrity following for the humble game.

Russell Crowe

The Australian actor is a household name, he's played the titular character in Ridley Scott's Robin Hood and teamed with Scott in his magnum opus, Gladiator, but before he made a living on the big screen Crowe was a bingo caller. Rumour has it that the actor actually got fired from his job as a bingo caller due to some of his unorthodox calls; we can only imagine they were awesome. Despite leaving the halls and moving onto Neighbours and Hollywood, Crowe still holds a torch for the game and if you see someone playing online under the alias Maximus Decimus Meridius, it's probably Crowe.

Robbie Williams

Already a favourite with the ladies, Williams' appeal has been boosted significantly after it became apparent he was a dab hand at bingo. The singer has played in various charitable Hollywood events and has even scooped a fetching leopard print handbag for his troubles, which we’re guessing he probably gave to some unfortunate lady.

Sharon Osbourne

The X Factor judge was once the face of Gala Bingo, we're guessing she liked to try to emerge herself in the virtual world and attempt to get a full house in order to escape the mad house she currently shares with husband Ozzy. Her adverts suggested that she shuns the celebrity lifestyle and plays online bingo instead, it no less glitzy. Perhaps her fondness for bingo is the reason why she never had a single act win the X Factor during her first stint as a judge.

Prince William

The king in waiting has been known to play bingo before. Whilst on military training at Sandhurst the Prince bought himself £5 worth of tickets at the Officers Mess. Sadly luck evaded the Royal and he left empty-handed, but when the Crown Jewels are a family heirloom what's a fiver to you?

Ricky Tomlinson

Best known for his roles as couch potato Jim Royle in the Royle Family, or hapless football manager Mike Bassett, Tomlinson is a keen bingo aficionado, heck he's even released his own interactive bingo DVD, where he assumes the role of five different callers all with their unique style. The Scouser is an old fashioned bingo fan and can most likely be found down the local hall with a portion of chips and gravy.

Bingo is certainly becoming more glamorous. What's better is the chat feature that most online bingo sites now possess; you never know you could be congratulating Robbie Williams on his full house.

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