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Sports (323)
Slamdunk Anime Game Slamdunk Anime Game
Play a game of basketball with two players, shoot hoops, dribble, run, and score points.
Slap Shot Slap Shot
Move the mouse left and right over the player and click to shoot the puck
Slim Boy Slim Boy
Basketball shooting game
Snow Board Snow Board
Snowboard Snowboard
Snowboard Santa Snowboard Santa
Soccer Soccer
Play pocket soccer choose how many players you want and move them around pass the ball and score goals.
Soccer A Soccer A
Click your mouse to move the robot towards the soccer ball most points scored on goal wins.
Soccer Ball Soccer Ball
Click the ball repeatedly to keep it in the air as long as possible.
Soccer Penno Soccer Penno
A soccer penalty shoot out! You have a number of teams to play against, facing the best goalkeeper in history.
Soccer Pong Soccer Pong
Soccer Rush Soccer Rush
Soccer Shoot Soccer Shoot
Soccer Shoot Out Soccer Shoot Out
SoccerBall SoccerBall
Socoban Socoban
Move the blocks around into the right spots.
Speed Mania Speed Mania
Spooky Hoops Spooky Hoops
Avoid the skeletons and collect the pumpkins so you can make a basket.
Sqrl Golf Ii Sqrl Golf Ii
Get a hole in one and watch the squirrels celebrate.
Squirrel Golf II Squirrel Golf II
Send a squirrel flying through the air by clubbing it with a 9-iron!
Stan Skates Stan Skates
Starship 11 Starship 11
Navigate your ship to the exit of each level.
Stuart's Xtreme Skateboarding Stuart's Xtreme Skateboarding
Guide Stuart the mouse to perform trick while skating
Stunt Bike 2004 Stunt Bike 2004
Hit the throttle on your motorcycle and clear the busses after jumping the ramp.
Stunt Dirt Bike Stunt Dirt Bike
Surmount the obstacles and finish the course.
Summer Games 2005 Summer Games 2005
Take part in the Summer Games and try to win the maximum medals for your country.
Super Bowl Super Bowl
Power up and change angle to bowl a strike.
Super Fishing Super Fishing
Super Handball Super Handball
Super Soccerball Super Soccerball
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