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Misc (578)
Lost Head Lost Head
A small girl, believe it or not has lost her head!! Help her find it in this interactive game.
Lost Marbles Lost Marbles
Love Be Your Energy Love Be Your Energy
Run through the levels collecting power ups.
Love Hina Love Hina
Another Japanese Anime style dating simulation
Love Quote Love Quote
LR Interactive LR Interactive
Play as Luigi in the super mario type game, pick up coins and mushrooms, jump on goombas, defeat koopa troopas and bosses.
Lucky Clover Lucky Clover
Find all the four-leaf clovers in your garden.
Lumber Joe Lumber Joe
Lumber Joe Lumber Joe
Swim And Avoid The Objects
Lunar Command Lunar Command
Clone Of Popular Atari Game
Lust For Bust Lust For Bust
Look into the chest but don??t get acight!
Mad Cows Mad Cows
Stop the mad cows from taking over your farm.
Mad Shark Mad Shark
Madness Combat 3 Madness Combat 3
He was given a second chance, somewhere in Nevada.
Madness Combat 4 Madness Combat 4
Madness Combat 4 - Apotheosis is an excellent shooting/fighting movie.
Maganic Wars Maganic Wars
This is a role cards turn based game in which you use different cards for different outcomes.
Magic Ball Magic Ball
Magic Eggs Magic Eggs
Mahjongg Solitaire Mahjongg Solitaire
Make a Mobster Make a Mobster
Create your very own gangster change his arms suit legs weaponry hat face and more.
Make Mario Up Make Mario Up
Dress up Mario. Change him into Luigi-style clothing and other funky polka dot striped clothes.
Makeup Game Makeup Game
Making Christmas Tree Making Christmas Tree
Mang Klotsik Mang Klotsik
Coloured Ball Puzzle
Mario Brother 1 Mario Brother 1
Super Mario type game run through caves and caverns avoid koopa troopas and goombas.
Mario Kart Underground Mario Kart Underground
A parody of the popular Mario Kart and Need For Speed games. Watch Mario and Luigi race against the clock.
Mario Minigame Mario Minigame
Jump around the platforms as Mario, pick up the coins and avoid the koopa troopas.
Mario Time Atack Mario Time Atack
Mario In Another Adventure
Mashi Mario Mashi Mario
Move Mario through the course without being injured.
Master Mahjongg Master Mahjongg
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