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Misc (578)
Jumpball Jumpball
Jumpin Jacko Jumpin Jacko
Try and make it to the doors without being touched by the other people.
Jungle Escape Jungle Escape
Mario Type Platform Game
KCLY Diamond KCLY Diamond
Puzzle Matching Game
Keepups Keepups
Keep The Ball Up With Your Bat
Keepy Uppy Keepy Uppy
Kendo Kendo
Kendo Fighting Game
Kentucky Space Battles Kentucky Space Battles
Fly your plane around bomb the beef factories and destroy their planes before they shoot you down.
Kerry Bush Bash Kerry Bush Bash
Kerry Workout Kerry Workout
Kill Kenny Kill Kenny
King of Fighters King of Fighters
A nice retro-style classic fighting/beat 'em up game from the mid 1990's.
Kolibri Kolibri
Very unique adult game
Krazy Keyz Krazy Keyz
Kumite Kumite
A tribute to the Madness Combat series, with colorful animation and merciless killing!
KungFu Special Trainer KungFu Special Trainer
KungFu fighting game
Kuririn Runner Kuririn Runner
Run around the levels jump on platforms avoid dangers and enemies.
Your mission is to rescue 118 russion marines from the sunken submarine KYPCK using the LR5 mini sub.
Kyrpto the Superdog Kyrpto the Superdog
Help Kyrpto move through differnt maps and clear a path for his master.
L'apprentie Sorciere L'apprentie Sorciere
Adverture of L'apprentie
Lagoon Quest Lagoon Quest
Use the arrow keys to control the dolphin. Jump through hoops to score points. Avoid obstacles that can harm your health. Help the dolphin find his friends and cross the lagoon safely.
Lance La Hache Lance La Hache
Axed Osama in this game
Lander Lander
Fly your space craft shoot down obstacles fire missiles.
Last Man Standing Last Man Standing
Try balancing on the keg for as long as you can.
Le Morpion Le Morpion
Tic Tac Toe
Let M Roll Let M Roll
Lifebuoys Lifebuoys
Lift Lift
Identify the character before the lift door closes
Light Them Up Light Them Up
Light All Of The Mini Boxes
LongBow LongBow
Robin Hood Style Game
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